Workshop Build Out – Take One

PS:One has recently expanded its space and will be moving the workshop into a separate room to accommodate more tools and electronics.   Today, a bunch of people got together to build some new workbenches and move some tools into the new shop.

Here’s a photo of what we have so far:

The three tables were built today.  Two of them are pretty basic, but what’s that wierd stuff on the bottom of that one?

That’s a cockamamie caster system to make this table roll.  The casters are on a hinged board so the legs can still operate as normal when the board flips up, but when the table is lifted the board will flip itself down and those hinged supports above it brace the casters into position, making it a pretty sturdy rolling table.  Nathan Witt got this idea from another hackerspace.  (If anyone knows which one it was I’ll credit them, thanks for the idea!)

You can also see our new shelves behind the tables.  Jen Savage and Tim Winkler donated them and they’ll definitely see plenty of good use here.  Thanks guys!

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02 2011

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    I want to say it was Hive 13, but this post doesn’t seem to have the photo I was thinking of.

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    Yup that was us. Thanks for the credit for the feature, but we can’t claim to have designed it ourselves – the bench was built with plans from the New Yankee Workshop, though I can’t seem to find the specific model on their site ATM.

    I’ll try to get a better photo of the details.

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    Ok in the interest of pedantry..


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