158 awesome people have switched to new member system, can still access PS1 tools

The member management system changeover is well underway, with more than 25% of members setting up accounts at:


As a reminder! In about three weeks we will switch over PS1’s internal computer system to the new member management system, which means you will no longer be able to log into workstations with your old credentials. Which further means you will no longer be able to laser, or mill, or CNC plasma cut unless you have switched over.

The good news is switching over is easy. The better news is that it is both easy and fun, with 83% of participants reporting ASMR-style tingling in the backs of their knees. The best news is that we now have a super-cool video that walks you through the process in up to three dimensions:

Huge thank you to member Alisha Ciardi for putting this together!

People who prefer boring old words can find some written instructions here.

Do it now! Win with Wild Apricot!

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