Upcoming board election: candidate statements and request for nominations

A vote will be held on July 23 to fill two vacant board positions: Secretary and Public Relations Director.

The nomination period remains open until July 9, so we invite to nominate yourself or any other PS1 member in good standing who you think is a great fit for the roles.

At the July 16 member meeting, everyone will have a chance to meet with candidates and engage in an open Q&A session.

Currently, we have two nominees:


Kathryn Born

I’ve been a member of PS1 for 3 years and served on the board as Director-at-Large in 2018. I “rolled off” the board because I thought we were moving, but then we decided to push it back indefinitely.

I’ve returned to the board as interim Secretary and feel it would be widely beneficial if I jumped back into the fray. As Secretary, I would also serve on the DRC. As one who served on the committee that helped craft the language of the document, I look forward to seeing if the new DRC system is helpful, and amending it if it needs to be changed.

I also wrote a document called “Starving Hacker Suffrage” in 2017 which began the push to give starving hackers the right to vote in this, and every, vote/election.

Public Relations Director

Ese Osaghae

I believe that PS1 has a lot of people doing great things that should be showcased more within our community as well as the greater Chicago community. I currently work as a media professional for 3DPrint.com as a journalist and have had various experience in digital marketing campaigns for global maker organizations such as the organization Wikifactory. I believe that we could be utilizing the PS1 space to engage more with the larger maker community in Chicago locally as well as globally.

My main objectives for the position of PR would be the following: 1) Showcasing more of the community members as well as the projects they are working on through social media. 2) Holding more events that involve local organizations within the greater Chicago land area. 3) Connecting the PS1 community to the larger makerspace community that is global by taking the organization through the FabLab certification program.

You can nominate additional candidate by posting on the thread here. Candidates must be members in good standing for 5 months to qualify.

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