PS1 to Close March 21 – April 7

Illinois Stay-at-Home Order

In response to the rapidly developing covid-19 pandemic, Governor Pritzker issued an executive order today requiring all non-essential businesses and operations in Illinois to close starting Saturday, March 21 at 5pm and continuing through April 7.

Access to PS1

  • In compliance with the Order, door access to PS1 via RFID fobs will be disabled at 5pm on Saturday.
  • Volunteers may still enter the building to perform specific essential maintenance tasks, in accordance with Paragraph 13 of the Order: Minimum Basic Operations.

We’re in this together

Pumping Station: One is much more than a collection of tools in a building. We’re a unique community and we have to hold tight! Everyone’s help is important during this uncomfortable hiatus. We need to keep paying the rent and the utilities. And we need to keep working toward our plans for the future of the space and the community that we’re building even now.

Thank you to everyone for rising to the occasion! You’ve got our back and we’ve got yours. If you have any pressing concerns during this time, do not hesitate to email board at pumpingstationone dot org.

Stay engaged!

  • Join our lively online discussions on Slack and Google Groups, and keep the ideas flowing!
  • Come to the Virtual Member Meeting, Tuesdays at 8pm!
  • Virtual Game Night this Saturday at 7pm!
  • Links to all virtual events will be posted on the PS1 Google Calendar and Meetup.
  • Have an idea for a remote activity/ demonstration/ tutorial? Let’s make it happen! Email board at pumpingstationone dot org to bounce ideas around and get access to the PS1 Zoom account.
  • Consider donating! See here –

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