PS1 Easing COVID policies following city of Chicago

With the upcoming dropping of the Chicago indoor mask and vaccine mandates there has been increased interest in what Pumping Station: One plans to do at the end of February with regards to our current mask and vaccine mandates.

The current vaccine mandate was voted on and passed on Jan 11, 2022 and remains in effect [0]. Per Article III of our bylaws, “A vote of the membership may not be overridden except by a higher legal authority or by a subsequent vote of the membership” [1].

The board has decided that Pumping Station: One will follow the state of Illinois [2], city of Chicago [3] and CDC [4] in dropping our mask requirement.

  • Masks will be optional for members in the space
  • Public gatherings” and assemblies will no longer be discouraged in the space
  • Board, member meetings, and open houses will go back to in person with virtual attendance remaining as an option for joining when possible

Going forward, Pumping Station: One will reinstate our current mask policies whenever the city of Chicago recommends it.

Please direct inquiries to [email protected]