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Membership to Pumping Station: One is $70 a month for a full membership. If you don’t want the additional perks of full membership (voting rights, a small storage space), it’s a bit less at $40 a month for the “Starving Hacker” rate.
Clicking the appropriate button will allow you to sign up for an automatic payment subscription which you can cancel at any time.
After starting payments, you will still need to show up in person to present your government-issued ID card to two board members (see below for details.)

Starving Hacker Membership ($40/mo)

Full Membership ($70/mo) Includes the right to vote on proposals, in elections and to a modest storage area.

NOTE: The email you subscribe with will be the email we use to identify you initially. In the event you are paying for someone else, please email a note about the payment including the name/email of the person you are paying for to info at pumpingstationone (dot) org.  If you wish to receive important updates at an email address which is different from your PayPal email, you may specify that email address when you have your ID checked by 2 board members (see below.)

Membership Types

Breakdown of Membership Types

Full Membership gives you 24/7 access to our hackerspace. It also gives you the right to vote on the decisions that the organization makes, a small storage space, and the right to run to be on the board in the yearly election. You must be separately authorized for any PS:1 tools you want to use.

Starving Hacker Membership will give you 24/7 access to the hackerspace; it will not grant you the right to vote on decisions made by the organization, nor will you be given personal storage space for projects or other materials. You must be separately authorized for any PS:1 tools you want to use.

New Members

To become a member: make your first payment here (online, using the links above), then show up at a member meeting or open house (Tuesday evening at 8 pm) to sign a liability waiver and present your government-issued ID to two board members. We’ll send you a door access code by email. We’ll recognize your name from the payment process.

You must be authorized for most tools you want to use at PS:1, (other than very simple ones like hammers, screwdrivers, hot glue guns, sandblasting cabinet, etc.) the authorization process varies from tool to too. We go into detail about the authorization process during orientation, on tours, or you can read up on the wiki or ask another member to explain tool labels and the equipment authorization process. Every piece of equipment that requires authorization to use, and some that don’t, are labeled with a distinctive PS:1 equipment label. Here’s a link to a piece of equipment that has a label to tell you it doesn’t require authorization to use:

We recommend that you attend an Orientation to PS:One event on the fourth Sunday of each month, 4-6pm, before or shortly after joining. We require that you attend an Orientation within three months of becoming a member. There may be additional orientation dates, so take a look at our calendar.

Leaving Us

From all PS:One memberships

If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, you will remain a member until the end of your billing cycle. You should receive an email that verifies your cancellation. Each payment in your subscription pays for the month after the payment.

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