Membership Types

There are two levels of PS:One membership, and one other category that is a special case.

Full Member

Full membership at PS:One gives you 24/7 access to the space, the ability to vote on proposals and for elections of the Board of Directors, the ability to write and submit proposals for votes, and a modest storage space when space is available. Currently, storage space for full members is available through the General Area Host in a few locations, including shelves over the catwalk and lockers/cabinets throughout the space.  Member storage is a continuously evolving space utilization topic. See this page on our wiki for more information about shelves and lockers:

See this page for more information about votes:

The full text describing the benefits enjoyed by full members is here:

The cost for a full membership is $70 per month, and is typically paid using a PayPal subscription payment, which is what the PayPal button on the “Join Us” page on this site begins.

To join as a full member you need to begin PayPal payments, which will send us an email from PayPal that allows us to begin creating your member account. That email may take a short while to arrive in our system.

Outages of our internet service, PayPal service interruptions, DNS disruption and other technical issues may delay processing of a membership application using PayPal payments.

After that email arrives acknowledging your payment, we will be able to begin setting up your account and will need to see you in person so that two different board members may check your government-issued ID to ensure that you are in fact, you. Tuesday evenings around the time of a the regular member get-together and open house are a good time for this, but any time you can find a board member at the space or at an event is fine, assuming our systems are all online. Again, since everyone here is a volunteer, there is no time during the day or on the weekend where we can guarantee you would run into a board member, but if you show up at events there is a reasonably good chance, and Tuesday night open house around 8 is the best time.

Only once you have had your ID checked by 2 different board members will we send you an email with your door access code. After you have your door access code, you will be ready to begin seeking out authorization to use tools.

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Starving Hacker

The “starving hacker” level of membership does not confer the privilege of voting for proposals or in elections, nor does it confer the privilege of having a storage shelf or locker, but it allows you full access to the space and the same access to authorization to use tools as the full membership.  The process to join is the same; only the payment level is different; for a Starving Hacker membership, the payment is $40 per month.

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Partial Months

Your membership month begins the day you start payment, and ends one month later. If you cancel your payments, your membership continues through the last month paid, until the date which another payment would be due. We do not issue refunds for partial or unused months; you may cancel at any time, however, just by ending your PayPal payments.

The “Friend of PS:One” membership level

The only privilege enjoyed by the “Friend of PS:One” is access to our Google Groups (or equivalent) mailing list, which functions as a discussion board or message board for PS:One members. PS:One maintains both public and private-facing versions of this message board; a Friend of PS:One has access to the private, members-only discussion. That is the only privilege conferred on a Friend of PS:One. It does not provide any access to tools or equipment or use of the space and is generally used by former members who move far away but wish to stay in contact with other memberes. It does require that the person conduct themselves in accordance with all community standards including our Membership Agreement and also our Anti-Harassment Policy, and Friend of PS:One access to the message board/mailing list can be restricted at any time, for any reason or no reason, by the CTO or the Board of Directors. You can apply as a Friend of PS:One with the PayPal button below:

Friend of PS:One ($13.37/mo)

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