Covid Policies & Procedures

During this phase of partial reopening, PS1 members are required to abide by the following health and safety measures, which are mandated by state and local government Phase 3 guidelines:

–> Social Distancing

–> Hygiene Practices

–> Self-Quarantine

You WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for abiding by the policies contained in this email. Anyone not following the rules may face disciplinary action. By entering PS1 you agree to abide by the following at all times.

–> Social Distancing

Maintain 6 feet of separation

Protect your “air bubble” by maintaining 6 feet of separation from other people in the space at all times.
Each Area inside PS1 has a posted occupancy limit in order to allow people to remain 6 feet apart while working. Respect all posted occupancy limits.
Do not work in an Area if doing so would exceed the posted occupancy limit of the Area.

Reserve your time using

To make social distancing easier, and to allow you to plan your time at PS1, use the new signup boards at
Reserve the days, times and PS1 Area(s) where you intend to work.
If SignupGenius indicates that an Area is full, choose a different day or time slot.

Be courteous to your fellow PS1 members: Please cancel your reservation as soon as you know that your plans have changed.
These signups are a new, experimental approach to provide all members with maximum information about the occupancy of PS1 Areas. We ask for your feedback, and we will tweak the system together as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

If people routinely ignore the signups and the Areas become dangerously crowded, the Board will deactivate fob access to the building and implement more restrictive measures of occupancy control.
Please help us maintain a relaxed policy by cooperating with the signup system!

No meetings, events, parties

During Phase 3, there will be absolutely no congregating, events, parties, or other meetings inside PS1.
Authorizations will be scheduled and reserved using the signup system, in to keep Area occupancy within safe limits.
Member meetings, game night and similar events will be held online via teleconference just as they were during Phase 2.

Hygiene Practices

Wear a face mask at all times while inside PS1

Respirators, cloth masks, or paper masks are all acceptable.
A limited number of paper masks may be available in the space for your use if you forget to bring a mask. The availability of paper masks will depend on how quickly they get used up.
Wash your hands

Wash your hands upon entering the space.
Wash your hands frequently while working in the space.
Wash thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, then rinse and dry.
Clean and Disinfect Everything as You Go

You are responsible for disinfecting surfaces you have touched or will be touching. (Who is responsible? You are responsible!)
Spray bottles of 70% alcohol are located everywhere throughout PS1. Use them liberally and everywhere (though do not spray directly on exposed electronics).

First CLEAN:
Wipe off dust or grime with a paper towel.
Use soap, water or other cleaners as necessary. This removes particles where the virus can hide.

Spray with alcohol
Do NOT wipe off the alcohol
Wait 5 minutes. This completely kills the virus

What should be cleaned and disinfected? Everything you have touched or will be touching, including but not limited to: work surfaces, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, hand tools, sharpie pens, computer keyboards, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, face shields, welding helmets, etc.
Cough or sneeze into your elbow

If you must cough or sneeze, point your face into your elbow.
If you have repeated bouts of coughing, please leave the building.

Do not cook or eat food The kitchen is closed.
You may temporarily keep food in the refrigerator, to be eaten later outside of PS1.
Keep lights and fans ON

Leave these on so that fewer people have to touch the switches.

–> Self-Quarantine

Do not come inside PS1

If you feel sick.
If you have been exposed to someone who is sick.
If you have recently traveled by airplane.
Your dues will be prorated while you self-quarantine, if you report that you have become covid-19 positive

For the the health and safety of all members, the Board has created a private, secure method to report a positive covid-19 test
Please use this link to self-report a covid-19 positive status.
Upon receiving such a report, the Board will move your next payment due date 14 days ahead, so that your dues will be not be charged.
Your fob will be deactivated during the same 14 day period for self-quarantine.
For anyone reporting a positive covid-19 status, your name or other identifying information will not be shared with anyone.
We will use your report to alert others about possible contact. We will not mention anyone by name.
We expect every member to abide by the above requirements, but we realize that in a community as large as ours, there may be concerns about non-compliance. If you notice people walking around without face masks or not following other rules, please ask them politely and directly to correct that behavior. If that does not work, please find another member to corroborate the situation and report the incident to the DRC.(

Link to more info on the wiki: