What is a Hackerspace?

A place where people with an interest in arts, manufacturing, computing and technology can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge

We are...

  • A makerspace

  • A community workshop

  • A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

  • 100% Volunteer Organization

  • Enthusiastically open-ended and open-minded

  • Education & Interest Group Focused

We are NOT...

  • A fablab or for-profit business

    We are not focused on re-creating, fabricating, or finishing an idea for anyone.

  • An incubator

    While some of our members maybe interested in your business opportunity, our organization does not operate in that type of collective manner.

  • A tool rental business

    Tools are not allowed to leave PS1 Property

  • A fire station

    Although our name sounds like a fire station, we do not operate in that capacity. Reasons for our name are lost to history.


First PS1 Meetings
November 2008
PS1 Takes Roots
April 2009
First Power Wheels Racing Series
June 2009
PS1 Breaks 100 Members
November 2011
Moved to 3517 N. Elston Ave
May 2012
Built the Kitchen
May 2013
Vote to Sprawl
December 2015
501c3 Non-Profit Status
February 2016
10 Year Anniversary
April 2019