We have an open house and member meeting every Tuesday at 8pm. All are welcome to attend and get a look at what we have to offer.

Steps to becoming a member

  1. Sign a waiver.
  2. Make your first payment here by selecting one of the following membership types.
  3. Join us at a member meeting, any Tuesday evening at 8 pm to present your government-issued ID to two board members. We’ll identify you from the PayPal address you signed up with, so bring your receipt.
  4. Attend an orientation within the first 3 months of joining,

Membership Levels

By clicking one of the payment buttons below  you’ll start an automatic monthly recurring subscription through PayPal. By signing up to one of the following membership you agree to follow our bylaws, membership agreement (LINK) , and policies (LINK).

Starving Hacker Membership – $40/mo

 Features 24/7 access to the hackerspace, use of space tools and equipment, and access to all tool authorizations.

I have read and agree to follow the Membership Agreement & Bylaws

Full Membership – $70/mo

Features 24/7 access to the hackerspace, use of space tools and equipment, access to all tool authorizations, the right to vote on decisions that the organization makes, propose votes to the membership such as for creating policies or purchases, the right to run to be on the board in the yearly election, granted access to personal storage spaces (when available).

I have read and agree to follow the Membership Agreement & Bylaws

Gift memberships or paying for someone else

In the event you are paying for someone else, please email a note about the payment including the name/email of the person you are paying for to: info (at) pumpingstationone (dot) org. You may specify an email address different from your PayPal email address when you initially have your ID checked by 2 board members (see below.) We do not offer corporate memberships.


We offer scholarship on a limited basis to those in need of financial help or on merit of project, purpose, or ability. To apply please fill out the scholarship application form about why you qualify for a PS:One Scholarship and send us a quick email at: info (at) .


We don’t offer any discounts but every member has the ability to volunteer their time for the betterment of the organization; request or be nominated for member points which can be used for dues discounts.

Don’t use PayPal?

We accept cash payment of dues. You can join with a cash payment at any Tuesday meeting, and we’ll prorate your first month. Cash payments are due before the first board meeting of every month.


Information For New Members

If you’d like more in depth information please attend one of our open houses for a tour or an orientation. You can also take a look at our wiki and follow the links under “New Member Start Here!” in the Member Information section.


You are required to attend an Orientation to PS:One event on the fourth Sunday of each month, 4-6pm, before or within three months of becoming a member. There may be additional orientation dates, so take a look at our calendar.


After signing up and in your first month, you can request to be contacted by a new member liason. These PS:One volunteers will be available via email (and possibly in-person and phone, according to their preference) to help you get better acquainted with the space, its rules and policies, who to talk to about getting authorized, or specific topics of interest, and some of the intricacies of navigating PS:One.


You must be authorized for most tools you want to use at PS:1, (other than very simple ones like hammers, screwdrivers, hot glue guns, sandblasting cabinet, etc.) the authorization process varies from tool to tool. We cover the authorization processes during orientation, on tours, or you can read up on the wiki Equipment at PS:One is typically labeled with a distinctive PS:1 equipment label. Here’s a link to a piece of equipment on our wiki that has a label to tell you authorization is required:

Leaving Us

If you’d like your membership with Pumping Station: One to end or be put on hold please click on the unsubscribe button below.

We’ll keep you in our records and your authorizations and door access will be honored if you choose to join again at a later date.

You can cancel at any time; you will remain a member until the end of your billing cycle. You should receive an email that verifies your cancellation. Each payment in your subscription pays for the month after the payment.