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SLA 3D printing service offered by Pumping Station: One. Proceeds go back into the organization.

Minimum order quantity is 20mL.

Select from clear or tough filament to see a description of each. Only one resin is run each week.

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Notice: You should only be at this page if directed. If you have not already sent in your model with instructions to the Industrial CNC Area Host, do so.


How does it work? Each week we alternate between clear resin and Tough 1500 resin (gray). Send your files in .STL (auto support) or .form (design your own supports using Preform) to the Industrial CNC Area Host. You will be told what quantity to enter. Each print has a minimum quantity of 20mL. Check Slack #announcements or the Form 3 SLA subforum on Discourse for the flavor of the week.

Parts run on Saturday, post process on Sunday, and they will be ready for pickup from PS1 that evening, with a recommended pickup time on Monday to allow for schedule flexibility. You will have to remove your own supports.

For more details or to submit your parts, email, or DM Mike Thompson/post in #sla-printing on Slack, or in Discourse in the Form 3 SLA subforum under CNC.

Resin Type

Clear, Tough


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