Weaving Station: One

We just received a very generous gift of a Nilus LeClerc Loom, dubbed Weaving Station: One.

Jen is working on getting it set up and learning how to use it – if anyone out there knows about setting up looms and weaving and would like to have access to ours, please contact us.

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02 2011

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    image link doesn’t work


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  3. Jeremy Mead #

    the loom looks like a modern version of the loom my father has and uses. Setup is easy, sometimes time consuming. My 86 year old father does it just fine.

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      Hi Jeremy, we’re still looking for parts to restore the loom, so if you or your father have any pointers or resources for us, that would be great. Feel free to email me at nathan@pumpingstationone.org if you like.

      Thanks for the comment,


  4. K. Schlagel #

    Maybe you could work on wearable circuits by custom designing cloth to perfectly fit with the circuits you want to make. It could also be awesome to make something narrow like scarves that you integrate conductive thread in and make awesome circuit scarves for members or to sell to the public.

    Good luck

  5. 6

    looks like this is a simple draw loom? it would be cool to work on building it a jacquard head that’s electronically programmed. You might also be interested in touching base with the http://www.osloom.org/ people, who I think are based in chicago.


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