Chicago Covid Advisory Update


To our members,

The Mayor of Chicago has issued a stay at home advisory for the City of Chicago. The PS1 Board of Directors urges all members to abide by the Mayor’s advisory and stay home unless you absolutely cannot. 

If you must come to PS1, it is up to you to help keep all members safe. Our COVID-19 guidelines remain in effect. A few reminders:

  1. We have occupancy limits in each area. Use Sign-Up Genius to reserve your time in the space. If someone is in the space and hasn’t signed up, kindly and respectfully ask them to do so. If there are no time slots left in an area, anyone in that area that forgot to sign up should excuse themselves from the area and sign up for a later time slot.
  2. No guests are allowed. You must be a member to enter PS1. 
  3. Hygiene is critically important. Wash your hands when you arrive at PS1, while you’re there, and before you leave. Spray your tools and work surfaces with provided alcohol spray bottles. Don’t wipe the alcohol off after spraying – let it sit on the surface, do its work, and evaporate naturally. Also, we have a HEPA air purifier in four areas: Arts, 3D Printing/Lasers, Electronics, and the Lounge. Please make sure they stay on and that all doors in those areas stay closed so that the purifiers can clean the air.
  4. Wear a face covering over your mouth and nose at all times while inside PS1. 

Thank you for your continued support of Pumping Station: One during this difficult time. We hope you, your family, and loved ones stay safe and healthy. 


The Board of Directors, Pumping Station: One

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