Hot Metals MIG Auths Are Back

Hey all-

Since we are not currently offering the-more-the-merrier office hours for authorizations, I have created this sheet to keep track of who is scheduled for when:

If you would like to be authorized on the equipment in the Hot Metal Shop then please send an email to arthi… A few things to note:

  • Auths are one-person-at-a-time; the answer to “hey, I see you’re doing an auth on this date, can I show up?” is, message me before hand to see if you can go before or after.
  • Auths are for now open availability but may change week to week so ask if unsure.
  • Auths are subject to availability if I’m busy then no auths are available till I’m free again.
  • At this time I’m doing MIG welding which will include the general equipment (chop saw, sander, etc.). If you need blacksmithing auth let me know and I can do that for you as well.
  • The first ten minutes or so of any auth will be sweeping up and general cleaning. The Hot Metal Shop belongs to PS1’s members and it behooves us to keep it as clean as possible for everyone’s benefit.

We have a #hotmetals channel on Slack ( where we can discuss all this further. Or you can message me directly on Slack and I usually respond if I’m not asleep or doing something.

Thanks for your understanding,

Hot Metal/Blacksmith Authorizer

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