PS:One has a New Logo!

Pumping Station: One has adopted a new logo!

Our original logo, designed by Nathan Witt and affectionately known as “Bubbles,” gave us a unique identity right from the start, and we will retire it with honor.

The new logo was developed by Jim Burke with the following ideas in mind:

  • Scalability – The new design can be easily scaled at various sizes, allowing us to use it for projects “as big as a billboard and as small as a postage stamp.”  Graphic designers rejoice!
  • References – Much like our name, Pumping Station: One’s new logo is unique while incorporating a direct tie to our city’s identity.  The new 6-point design was created following the exact dimensions of the Chicago Star on our Municipal Flag.
  • Culture – We want the members of PS:One to feel unified through membership as a whole, but we also love that each individual area of focus appeals to different people.  To that end, we’re developing badges (which will become buttons, stickers, etc) to represent each different area of PS:One, such as the Danger Committee or the Homewreckery.  Each badge will use the basic design, but will be customized to represent the personality of that area so that we can internally identify one another’s skill sets and interests.

With that, we proudly give you “Harbinger.”

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