PechaKucha Night at PS:One

PKN-logo_ill8Presenting our first ever PechaKucha NightTM at Pumping Station: One!
Come join us on Friday, December 4th at 7:30pm sharp. Seven
presenters. Twenty slides. Twenty seconds per slide. It’s fast, it’s fun…
and you might actually learn something!

Scheduled presentations:

  • “History of Metal Music,” Devon Scott-Tunkin
  • “Interactive Design Principles,” Laurie Eastman
  • “PeopleHacking (Or: Cognitive Neuroscience for Fun and Profit),” Sacha De’Angeli
  • “Setting Up FDCC Testing Environments on Non-Windows Systems (Or: How Nicolle Lost Four Hours of Her Life for Want of a Nine-Kilobyte Text File,” Nicolle Neulist
  • “Graphic Design and Fascism in the 1940’s,” Jim Burke
  • “History of Passive Design Strategies in Architectural Form,” Sarah Sutherlin
  • “Rocks Rock: MineraLOLogy for Science Geeks,” Anne Petersen

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