The 2010 Crowd Sourcing T-shirt contest

This is a formal call for Pumping Station: One T-Shirt Designs! As some of you may be aware, we have a 4-color screen printing machine at the space and we’re looking to use it to make some sweet schwag for our members and soon to be members!  Deadline is Midnight March, 18th 2010 which is one month from now. The selected winner(s) will be chosen by the current Board of Directors and will be produced into a run of t-shirts that will be sold by Pumping Station:One. Prize is a free t-shirt of your design! Details after the break:

1. The artwork should help explain to the public what a hackerspace is. If possible the design should debunk the negative perceptions the public immediately assumes. Our shirt should have a positive and educational message.

2.  As an extension to the first rule, our imagery should not be limited to “stereotypical” hackerspace images (techno-cyberpunk, circuit boards, etc) Try to find new ways of incorporating the many other fields that our space caters to.  Traditional imagery is by no means banned, but try to convey the interdisciplinary nature of the hackerspace.

3. Branding should be prominently featured. This includes the PS:One logo and lettering.

4. Consider how your design can be used on posters, stickers, and other promotional materials besides t-shirts.  Ability to be used in things other than t-shirts will be a judging criterion.

Now for specifics detailing dimensions, size and the licensing of said artwork.  For viewing, any image file will do (png, jpg, bmp…)

Final submissions should be in the following form:

  • Vector format (ai, svg…).
  • Max image size 16″x10″
  • 300 DPI/PPI
  • Four colors maximum
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • Preferred that colors are on their own layers (not mandatory)

All submitted designs become wholly owned by Pumping Station: One NFP, under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license. More information about the meaning of this license can be found at the following website:

Winners will be announced the following Tuesday after the deadline! So get out there and get us some art!

As the design contest comes to a close we will will throw a T-Shirt Printing Party for the winners!
I’ve attached some files to help get you artists started:


Email your submissions to

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    Please bring in submissions to the space or email a vector file to Nathan or I to enter the contest.