Tuesday Night’s Alright

Announcing our brand new Tuesday Night Schedule:

  • 1st Tuesday of the month: Monthly Membership Meeting and Board Meeting
  • 2nd Tuesday of the month: 300 Seconds of Fame
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month: Open House
  • 4th Tuesday of the month: Workshop Day (a longer-format talk)
  • 5th Tuesday of the month (when it exists): PS: One Pot Luck

All events are open to the public, occur at 3354 N. Elston Ave in Chicago (look for the red door) and start around 8pm, and doors always open at 6pm for schmoozing (use the doorbell if you can’t get in).

Since the foundation of Pumping Station: One, our weekly Tuesday night membership meeting has been the cornerstone of our organization. Every week, we met and discussed business, met new people, and showed off our projects.

As we matured as an organization, we realized that we don’t often have the volume of new business to support a weekly membership meeting, and we also had a lot of fun ideas for public events.

So, I’m proud to announce our new Tuesday night schedule – each Tuesday night is a guaranteed time that anyone can enter our doors and find more about what we do, and I’m sure that all these events will be a fun time.

Special thanks to Anne, Laurie, Tim, and Jeff for taking the lead on our new events!

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