Join the 10.10.10 Hack-A-Thon!

In the interest of efficiency, the following post has largely been copied (and modified) from Jigsaw Renaissance, a hackerspace in Seattle! Thanks Jigsaw!



Use your powers of Geek for Good! First responders in crisis situations need better tools. Come participate at the 10.10.10 hack-a-thon to help them out!

What: a 24-hour hack-a-thon with food and drinks provided. Starting ideas on what to build can be found here.

Why: the reasoning is two-fold: altruistic – to build ways to assist first responders in crisis situations. selfish – you (and the space you participate with) are eligible to win $1010.

How: Register (for free). Event runs from 9a Saturday to 9a Sunday CST. Weird timing, I know, but it’s (inter)national!

Where: The Chicago event is being hosted by Pumping Station: One. Associating with PS:One and attending at PS:One  are mutually exclusive and are not required. (ex: you can mark PS:One  as your space, but not attend physically; you can attend at PS:One  but mark another space as your connection; you can hang out with us while we code and not do anything; etc) Check out the eventbrite to register!

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