Announcing the OpenDoor Hackathon!

Pumping Station: One will be participating in the OpenDoor Hackathon!

The OpenDoor Hackathon is a hackathon to benefit the members of hacker/maker/artist/co-working spaces by creating a standardized, Open Source access and membership management system that can be used by everyone. At the end of the hackathon, the systems (or subsystems) created by each space will be voted upon, and the best system (or combination of systems) will be chosen. Implementing the system afterward is, of course, optional.

Why are we doing this?
I know, the word “standardized” sends chills down my spine too, but I assure you that this is a good thing! Deciding upon a common system would enable the following things:

  • The ability to share membership between spaces
  • Crowd-sourced security enhancements and feature additions
  • Easier membership management
  • A warm fuzzy feeling of being connected with other spaces

What we’re envisioning (and what many of you already have) is a sort of Reciprocikey or Space Passport system. We believe that the only way to create such an awesome system is to work together on it!

When is the OpenDoor Hackathon?
The OpenDoor Hackathon will begin on Saturday, December 11th at 2pm PST, ending 24 hours later at 2pm PST on Sunday, December 12th.

How do I sign up?
You can register your space’s team at the Eventbrite here!

Join the conversation at!

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2 thoughts on “Announcing the OpenDoor Hackathon!

  1. I expect to release the source to our ( own system (both hardware and software).

    The hardware is up here:

    The firmware is not yet ready for release, it will be soon, though.

    btw, I fail to see what Eventbrite does that’s worth more than a simple signup list on Doodle, in particular I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t change the name I signed up with to OSAA.

    How are you going coordinate the hackathon, will there be some sort of a forum, a git repo, teleconference or something like that?

    Will someone do a search for prior work in the area?

  2. Hi, I’m from Open Space Aarhus and we certianly want to participate.

    In fact we already have door-controller hardware almost ready for mass production, the prototype has been in operation for months and we’re doing the second spin of the board soon.

    The source for the hardware is online here:

    The firmware has not yet been adapted from the prototype we have in production, but it should be quite easy to fix.

    Our user database is a web application which could also be useful for others, but there are a lot of very site-specific assumptions (like the Danish UI texts), so it’s not as easy to reuse as the door-controller end of things.

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