PS:One behind the scenes at MSI’s Fab Lab

logos of Pumping Station: One and Museum of Science and IndustryWe’re thrilled to announce a members-only behind-the-scenes hands-on tour of the Museum of Science and Industry’s Fab Lab!

Saturday, May 7, tour from 1:00-4:00 PM
Museum of Science and Industry
Meet in the Entry Hall (left tab on this map) at 12:45 PM
(suggested: underground parking, then you enter the northwest corner of the museum)

Members only: RSVP required via Eventbrite—members will receive a direct email invitation including the link to register at their Paypal email address (or the one on file for payment).

We’ll get to hear all about the Fab Lab program, both the larger movement and MSI’s involvement; about how MSI would like to connect with us on an ongoing basis; we’ll then get to tour the machines; and finally, we’ll all get to make something!

If you want to make something, design beforehand and bring your design on a USB flash drive (you can even get it checked out beforehand by Dan by emailing him directly: you can find his email address via the mailing list).

Recommended programs for designs:

  • 2D: InkScape, or Corel Draw
  • 3D: Google Sketchup, Blender, or any 3D DXF file output from any software

Machines available:

Free materials available will be:

  • Red, yellow and blue vinyl for vinyl cutters
  • Cardboard for the laser cutter
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) .25 and .50 thick for the Modela Milling Machines

For more serious projects, you can bring your own materials. Suggested materials and sizes:

Modela Milling Machines:

24″ Vinyl Cutters

  • 2-27.5 inch vinyl sheets of any color

Epilog Laser Cutters

Get ready for an exciting afternoon of touring and making!

This exclusive tour and access comes to us by the generosity of the Museum; their Science Director Rabiah Mayas, PhD; and PS:One member and Safety Czar Dan Meyer, recently hired as their new Fab Lab Manager. Many congratulations to Dan! We look forward to working with him and MSI’s Fab Lab further in the future.

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