Summer T-Shirt Hackathon

Generation T book coverJoin us this Sunday the 26th for a summer t-shirt hackathon from noon to 5 p.m, in cooperation with Learnapalooza.

Got a T-shirt that doesn’t fit quite right anymore, or maybe you’ve lost some weight and it fits like a tent? You love that shirt, but it makes you look like a clown? turn it into a flattering dress, or maybe stitch the pattern onto a better fitting shirt! don’t know how to sew? no problem! we have no sew designs, too!

Come to Pumping Station: One and transform your tees into something new for your wardrobe, or a new stuffed animal for your baby, or a new throw pillow for your couch.

Anyone from the sewing illiterate to those so experienced that they don’t even need a thimble anymore. Learn the basics of sewing, or just learn how to make something cool. Bring your old T-shirts, or bring some new ones, or buy a fabulous new PS:One shirt from us to experiment on!

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