DIY CNC Night: 3/14 7pm

March’s DIY CNC night is upon us!

Are you interested in at-home automated manufacturing? Do you like the idea of owning your own 3D printer, laser cutter, automated mill, router table, or other astounding automatons? Then this is the night for you!

This month’s DIY CNC night will feature a live build of PS1’s new and shiny MakerSlide ShapeOko.  Bart and Edward (of MakerSlide and ShapeOko, respectively) will be helping Jordan and Patrick (PS1’s electronics area host and Vice President, respectively) take delivery of and assemble a MakerSlide ShapeOko.

DIY CNC night is an ever-growing group of enthusiastic amateurs and professionals in the field of do it yourself automated manufacturing (ie 3D printers, CNC mills, laser cutters, cake frosters, etc) hardware and software.

Please come if you’re interested in learning more, already have a CNC tool at home, want to show off your latest build, or just want to meet locals who are into this exciting technology!

  • Who: Open to the public
  • Where: Pumping Station: One, 3354 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL
  • When: Wednesday, March 14th, 7pm
  • Cost: Free ($5 suggested donation for non-members to help us pay the rent)

Planned Schedule:

  • 7-7:10: people show up
  • 7:10-7:25: introductions round-robin
  • 7:25-’till it’s done: Assembling a Makerslide ShapeOko CNC mill with Edward and Bart
  • 7:25-’till everyone leaves: schmoozing, machine assembly and show off, discussion of tools and techniques

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