Arduino Class 3-5pm Sunday May 6

Arduino UNO board

This class is part one of a two part intro to the Arduino.  It’s an intro for people who have no experience with programming or electronics. Ticket information is at

You will need to bring a laptop. You will need an Arduino. The best choice is Sparkfun’s “Flex” kit If you don’t already have an Arduino, Pumping Station: One will loan you a Flex kit to use during the workshop session. Ask lots of questions!

Arduino UNO images are CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


Workshop contents:

  • What’s Arduino?
  • Installing the Arduino editor on your laptop
  • Tour of the Arduino board and the Sparkfun “Flex” kit
  • How to use a breadboard – hooking up sensors
  • How to play with the built-in examples
  • Experiment time to play with some examples
  • Things you can do with an Arduino

Instructor: Ed Bennett
ed symbol kineticsandelectronics dot com

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