Beer Church July 8: Brewing Edition

Do you need a midday Sunday social gathering? Do you like science, doing things rather than buying them already done, and beer? Then this event is for you!

Beer tasting: bring a few bottles of something you like that you think others may not know. We will do a potluck beer tasting. Tiny beer steins (for tiny beers) will be provided but bring your own chalice/mug/other drink receptacle if you prefer. Homebrews are highly esteemed, and you will get some beer peer review from your peers in beer!

After (and during) the tasting, we’ll discuss the science of beer brewing and other scientific questions and pursuits. Peer review of projects will happen if people have something to show; 300 seconds of non-fame with frequent interruptions.

For this Beer Church event, bring all the homebrewing equipment/supplies you have if you can, and are willing to let other people perhaps use! We’ll do a show and tell, and plan some home brewing events. If we’re feeling up to it and have enough gear and willing brewers, we’ll make it a brewing party! We have enough space now to brew! Make sure to bring a turkey fryer or propane based stove if you have one, as we don’t currently have a stove at the space.

You are of course welcome to come even if you do not consume beer or other alcoholic beverages! You must be 21 to drink at beer church. Come on down to 3519 N Elston for beer, peers, and brewers.

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4 thoughts on “Beer Church July 8: Brewing Edition

  1. This post made me think of newly-minted Fiance –

    He loves beer. Leads Bike ‘n Beer tours –

    Which made me think of how Pumping Station was there at the start of our relationship, as it was the spot for our first date!

    Thanks for the memories, wow that seems forever ago!

  2. Wow Saya, that’s awesome. Congratulations! Great posts, one and all!

    I’ve heard of those bike and beer tours! If he wants to run one with a start or midpoint be PS:One, I’m sure we can work something out!

  3. It started at 12:00 PM, so you’ve sorta missed it! We’re having another in 2 weeks, probably. I should have put that in the post – it’s on our calendar as well.

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