This is what happens when geeks get married.  Back in December, I decided that I wanted to have a photo booth at the reception, so I looked around at rentals and services and was surprised at the cost.  I then looked around at DIY photo booths and was slightly disappointed by the state of the art of the DIY photo booth – most seemed to have a big button, and Arduino, a webcam, and a full laptop.

So I designed a simple test circuit with a Canon point and shoot camera (with CHDK installed), an Arduino, and a button.  Now, months and hundreds of prototypes later, I have Photoboop! A robo party photographer that turns most cameras into photo booths or time-lapse video machines.

Thanks to the entire PS:One community for help and support while making this project a reality!

Photoboop is live on Kickstarter, Facebook, and it’s own Website.

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