Analog Game Night: RPG Edition

the posessed

This coming game night on Saturday the 2nd will be a special edition event! As usual, a variety of games will be provided for those who do not wish to participate in the larger game, but the main focus will be on a Quickstart [a small RPG campaign that can take place in one night] for the World of Darkness Roleplaying system titled “Nightmare at Hill Manor”. I plan on going all out on this game, bringing a few minor props to interact with, optional maps for reference, and even a soundtrack for a few selected events!

If you plan on joining in on the game, I have pre-made characters available, but, really, it’s more fun to make your own. Here is the World of Darkness system overview, including how to make a character, and here is a character sheet for you to download, print, fill out, and bring to the game for reference! Here’s what all the players, and characters, need to know at the start:

the spirit insideJanice Poole from 3C is late setting up your apartment complex’s bi-weekly poker night due to the ongoing construction on the road outside the building. She seems like a bit of a busybody, but after talking with her in passing a few times, you’ve decided that, really, her personal questions and insistence of inter-apartmental socializing is just her way of trying to make this old apartment complex feel like home for everyone.
She dragged you into a poker night a few months back with the promise of free food and a chance to win a little pocket cash. And, even if it wasn’t really your thing at the start, you’ve found yourself coming back each time for some reason or another.
The other regulars at poker night are people you see in the halls of the apartment complex from time to time. A polite nod, or a wave hello is about the extent of interaction you usually get when you are away from the poker table.
As you all settle in for your friendly game, you get the feeling that something is off about tonight, the air just feels wrong. But you shake it off as just another feeling of paranoia that everyone gets from time to time and go on with your game, soon forgetting about it.

And then the trap falls shut…

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