Build a blinkie night @ Pumping Station: One

Dale Sulak, Dwayne Forsyth and friends from 2DKits will be in for a night
of blinkie building fun!


This is where you get to build one of those LED flashing things.

You start with the kit, use the tools we have in the room. When you are
done, you will have a working blinkie. We have blinkie Techs to help you
debug any problems.

The folks at MuseCon are sponsoring their “Atomic Musecon” kit for
attendees for FREE! We have have the full range of 2DKits from
beginners to advance including the 4x4x4 RGB Cube, ranging from $5 to $80.

We do allow and encourage children to build their parent’s blinkie,
but the parent has to stick around and learn about the process.

When: Friday March 1 , 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Cost: Free
Open to the public: Yes

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