Orientation for the new and/or curious: 4th Sundays at 4pm (N00bs’ Paradise)

120px-Rainbow_At_Maraetai_Beach_New_ZealandInterested in learning a little about PS1?

New to PS1 and want to learn how to get along here?

Come join us on the 4th Sunday of every month at 4pm for N00bs’ Paradise: an event specifically for the new and/or curious about PS1.

You’ll learn:

  • how to immediately get started learning and doing awesome things at PS1
  • the one and only rule you need to remember at PS:One
  • what mailing lists and IRC channels you should join
  • how to get discounts on classes, tee-shirts, stuff around town, and even monthly dues!
  • how to get certified on equipment
  • how to donate stuff to PS:One
  • how to create a new class, event, group, meeting, or what have you
  • do-ocracy and how to do-ocratize things

The basics:

  • Who: anyone who wants to learn more about PS:One and how it works
  • When: Sunday April 28th, 4 pm until about 6pm (and every 4th Sunday thereafter)
  • Where: PS:One 1st floor lounge
  • Cost: free

Here are the class notes – please feel free to read beforehand (Note: these notes are not a good substitute for class attendance).

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