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ABS Smoothing
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When: Thursday, 2013-05-30 @ 7:00pm.

There is no special topic or speaker for this week’s meeting, but here are a few things we will be doing.

  • Member Certifications: Colin, Steve and I can certify on various pieces of CNC equipment including the Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter, 3D printers and CNC Router.
  • ABS Smoothing: Donald J is hopefully going to bring in his acetone vapor chamber for ABS print smoothing.  Bring your ABS parts and a any spare fire extinguishers you have.
  • DSP Stepper driver tuning. I now have a programming cable for the drivers.  We play with and learn about the benefits of stepper driver tuning.
  • Another group, gonzo CNC build? It might be fun to plan another gonzo build.  We could kick around some ideas to try to build in one night again.  I think a simple inverse kinematic (oxymoron?) project might be fun.  Eventually I want to do a six axis machine, but it might be good to get our feet wet with a non Cartesian 2 axis draw bot.  If you have other ideas, please suggest them.

I can bring in a few sample of V carving.  We might do that the following week.


Please RSVP via Meetup if you are coming.


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