Urban Sensor Hack (with MAKE and GE), Thursday 9.26


As the the participating hackerspace for MAKE and GE’s Urban Sensor Hack! MAKE presents Maker Sessions, Urban Sensor Hack. But what is the Urban Sensor Hack?  It’s an event happening in real spaces and online. The USH includes talks from….

  • Alasdair Allan, Author of numerous books published by O’Reilly on sensors including “Distributed Network Data” with Kipp Bradford and “iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino.”
  • Ter0 & Kimmo Karvinem, Authors of the “Getting Started with Sensors.”
  • Patrick DiGiusto & Emily Gertz, Authors of “DIY Enviromental Monitoring with Arduino” and “Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino.”
  • Tim Dye of Aircasting & Michael Heimbinder of Habitatmap.org
  • Rob Faludi, Author of “Building Wireless Sensor Networks”

But what is everyone talking about? The practical, real-world applications of continually developing sensors that enable microcontrollers to interact with our world. This series of events is free and open to the public. Whether you’re an experienced maker or trying to figure out what this whole culture is about – these are the events are for you!

Thursday night (9.26) will be led by Tero and Kimmo Karvinem, the authors of Getting Started with Sensors (http://www.amazon.com/Getting/dp/1449367089). The Google Hangout starts 5:30pm central and you can attend here https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c3275tpg1f75iosr4mglem32nl8?authkey=CM7Mh-6D7oL47AE&cfem=1


Check out http://makezine.com/urban-sensor-hack/ for more details.

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