NERP on Monday! Embedded Android on the BBB and Intel Minnowboard

NERP is not exclusively Raspberry Pi, the small computerand embedded systems interest group at Pumping Station:One in Chicago. NERP meets every other Monday at 7pm at Pumping Station:One, 3519 N. Elston Ave. in Chicago.


Andrew Kilkenny is a professional embedded Android kernel hacker. At NERP on Monday he will introduce Android as an emebedded OS. He’ll show functional demos, then after the meeting have a hands-on Android compilation festival. If you want to partcipate in the hands-on part, clear out some space on your hard drive for Eclipse and the Android Libraries!

From Andrew:
The Android Operating system has revolutionized the embedded world. Originally developed for your phone, the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) enables the adaptation of the cell-phone oriented operating system into any product you can dream of. You can find Android in Airplane In-Flight-Entertainment Systems, in Washing Machines, and in Refrigerators. Any embedded system with an LCD screen can benefit from Android’s advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools by rapidly developing Android Applications using the stock development environment. Join us for NERP where we explore how to use embedded Android on the BeagleBone Black (BBB) and Minowboard MAX. We’ll load the software, hop in on a command line, and twiddle some bits! We’ll also go over Android software architecture and practical applications of embedded Android. Following the NERP session there will be a guided demonstration on downloading and installing the AOSP and eclipse tools. A computer with Ubuntu (12.04 or 14.04) and lots of hard drive space will be needed to build the AOSP.
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For the duration of PS1’s covid restriction on public meetings, NERP meets on a Jitsi Meet videoconference at 7:20pm. A link to the conference will be posted tohttps://wiki.pu…

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Doors open at 6:30pm. The next meeting is December
8th, 2014.

NERP is free and open to the public.
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