We have a photo stream–and you can post to it

We included a poll in the last newsletter to determine which photo sharing sites are most popular among PS1 users. The runaway favorite is Instagram, which is more than three times as popular as the runner-up, Youtube, which also happens to not be a photo-sharing site.

So here’s the deal: if you post photos or videos to your Instagram account and tag it #madeatps1, it will show up on the PS1 website. It will also show up in our Slack workspace. And in the future it might get pushed out to other places as well, like Twitter or Facebook or the Russian dark web.

The most recent handful of images from the Instagram feed shows up on most pages of the PS1 website. And you can browse the entire set of photos here:


Check it out, here’s Grant Wagner’s custom tabletop arcade console, including authentic buttons and joysticks imported from Japan:

Machining custom copper bolts for a six-way motion sensor:

#madeatps1 machining custom copper bolts

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Stained glass!

Folks, I’m not a huge social media guy, but I’ve been wandering around PS1 snapping and posting pictures of people lately, and I’m here to tell you that this is easy and fun. This Instagram thing might just have a future.

“Look at this thing I made”

Try it out! Of course we love people to write up blog posts that dive into the details of their work, but if you’re pressed for time and just want to show the world this thing you made, take a picture and tag it #madeatps1. There is an astonishing diversity of projects underway at any given time at PS1. Publicizing your work serves as inspiration to others and helps likeminded people connect.

What if I don’t have an Instagram account?

Well, you could always shell out the $0.00 required to set one up and start snapping away. But if you don’t want to do that, we still have you covered. Just email your pictures or video, plus any relevant caption, to pics@pumpingstationone.org. We will take it from there.

Can I geotag/use Flickr/post daguerrotypes instead?

Not at the moment, no. It has been suggested that we expand the feed to include pics that have been geotagged at PS1, or that mention the @pumpingstationone Instagram account, etc. These are all good ideas, but the plugins we are using don’t do this out of the box. (You can however tag your photos with #madeatpsone instead, if you like typing extra letters on your phone.)

What else can I do?

I’m glad I pretended you asked. You can follow the PS1 Instagram account @pumpingstationone.

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