The building is up for sale. Take 5 minutes to help us chart a course

The Planning Working Group has begun its efforts to address the upcoming building sale, and our first task is applying some scope to the project. This is the type of undertaking that could take years to get our hands around, but we don’t really have years. Even if we see out the end of our current lease (big if), getting ourselves in shape for a building purchase or even a move will take time.

So let us know what you think we should should be thinking about. What should be the top questions we are trying to answer? Yes, the building sale is the priority, but there are a lot of questions wrapped up in the building sale. For example:

  • What does PS1 want to be ten years from now?
  • How big should it be?
  • Should its mission evolve?
  • Should PS1 offer additional services, like studio rental?
  • What is the potential market?
  • What financing sources are available to PS1?
  • What do we have to do make ourselves “finance-able”?

This is very much a brainstorming exercise. Take five minutes to head over to this form and share your thoughts.

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