Circuit Hacking Wednesday Canceled, Movie Night Moved

Due to the upcoming holiday busyness Circuit Hacking Wednesday will be canceled for the 28th of December.  Circuit hacking will continue on January 11th.  There will be kits to solder, circuits to bend, and fun will be had by all.

Also PS : One movie night will be moved from January 1st to January 8th.  I will be taking requests for screenings until the 3rd if anyone has any good suggestions.

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12 2010

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  1. eviljoel #

    I think pmcall221 meant to say Circuit Hacking Wednesday has been canceled for December 22nd. (Sent from PS1 on Wednesday at 7:00 PM. -_- )

  2. Patrick #

    Yes. I meant the 22nd. These 5th Wednesday months can get confusing.