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Power Racing Series Meeting


This Saturday, April 30th, we will meet at 9pm in the shop to discuss our entry into the Power Racing Series. Its a friendly competition between hackerspaces where we modify ride on kids toys and race them at Maker Faires.  We have a car that works great but is in need of TLC. We have a race in San Mateo in a few weeks time and need to get it ready.  We will be discussing what needs to be done for that race and races to come. If you have experience with welding, electronics, fabrication, you are more than welcome. If you don’t have experience, come by and get some.  Continue reading Power Racing Series Meeting

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MakerBot Comes to PS:One

This weekend the MakerBot team will be showing off their new Replicator printers at C2E2.  On Friday after the show, MakerBot will be hosting a meetup for 3d printing fans and anyone who wants to learn more about MakerBots.  They’ll be demonstrating their Replicator printers and refreshments and pizza will be on hand.  If you attend our automation meetups or are interested in 3d printing, or perhaps just like beer and pizza then come on out and meet the guys who popularized 3d printing in the maker community.


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Carmageddon has begun!

$30,000 well spent     We have begun building our entry for the 2012 Power Racing season. Unfortunately both our vehicles were rather mediocre last year and we are having to build from scratch.  We have our power wheel body and we spent this past weekend parting out our bill of materials and came just under budget.  The body was then scanned with lasers to make a 3D model so the frame we weld will fit the body like a glove.  Yes, we took it way to far.  But we giggled the whole time at the absurdity of using $30,000 equipment to replicate a children’s toy so it can be modified into a “big kid” toy.

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Google ADK – Accessory Development Kit with Arduino

This meetup has been moved to Google Chicago 20 West Kinzie St., Chicago, IL

This Thursday @ 5PM there is a special interest group meetup of

We will meet to talk about programming Arduino boards:

  1. workshop: electronic components 101 – Uki D. Lucas
  2. workshop: electronic schematics and symbols 101 – Uki D. Lucas
  3. workshop: Android ADK – TBD
  4. showcase of projects by Chicago area enthusiasts
  5. review of boards / shields available – Lwin & Min Maung
  6. review of books – Lwin & Min Maung
  7. review of projects – Lwin & Min Maung

Please bring your:

– Arduino phone running v. 2.3.4, or tablet 3.1

– books, boards, electronic equipment you want to connect

– spare electronic parts

– laptop with Android SDK (Eclipse) installed

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Make and Use an Arduino

Come to Pumping Station: One and learn how to make your own arduino and program it.  The kit requires no soldering and is great for makers of all ages and skill levels. The kit includes everything you need:  a solderless breadboard, jumper wires, a pre-programmed ATmega328P with pin label, USB adapter and basic components to perform the basic software experiments.  You need:  a computer with a spare USB port that can run the free Arduino IDE software and a USB A to mini-B cable.  If you do not have a USB A to mini-B cable, they will be for sale for $2 each.

Tickets available at:

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Circuit Hacking Wednesday Canceled, Movie Night Moved

Due to the upcoming holiday busyness Circuit Hacking Wednesday will be canceled for the 28th of December.  Circuit hacking will continue on January 11th.  There will be kits to solder, circuits to bend, and fun will be had by all.

Also PS : One movie night will be moved from January 1st to January 8th.  I will be taking requests for screenings until the 3rd if anyone has any good suggestions.

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