CNC Build Club

Every Thursday night…

The CNC Build Club meets to build, use and learn about CNC machines.

April 18th at 7:00 PM.
Open to non- members

Quantum Delta 3D printer

Quantum Delta 3D printer

Over the last three weeks we built this little delta 3D printer.
There are a few little changes to make to it this week, like a spool holder on top.

This medium sized CNC Router was lent to PS:One by Automation Technologies.  It still needs to be wired and setup.  The plan is to get this going, teach a few classes with it, have a few project nights and then it will be for sale at a big discount (TBD).  If you are interested in the process of setting a machine like this up, you might want to attend the next few meetings.

Automation Technologies 3D Gantry

Automation Technologies 3D Gantry

Someone suggested building a filament extruder so we could make our own filament and play with our own formulas like conductive or flexible.  This is one on Thingiverse, but I am sure we would add our own touches.

DIY Filament Maker

DIY Filament Maker



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