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Open Knitting Lab – Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Kninjas: Open Knitting Lab wednesdays @ 7Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level.  Join us to hang out and enjoy knitting with others.  I will help you get started, figure out a pattern, troubleshoot problems and work on designs.  If you have questions or need guidance in buying supplies, email me at


03 2012

Yarn words (and acronyms)


Quick crafting project: yarn words (and acronyms). Found this at Craft, but here are the full instructions.

I couldn’t find any wire reinforced clothesline, so experimented with thermostat wire and others: basically, check out the wire section of your local hardware store and test what they’ve got. You’re looking for something bendable, but that will retain its shape, and can definitely be doubled up on itself, hopefully flush, without a little loop at the end. Some wire types I found did this better than others.

Also, you’ll want to use chunky, bulky or worsted weight yarn, or else you’ll be winding for a very long time.

I’ve made three, and they’re pretty quick once you get going, other than having to remember how to do cursive and remembering that i’s and j’s have the problem of not easily being able to do dots with this format.

Weird” was my first, then “rtfm” and “pebkac.” Other geeky words and acronyms may follow.


03 2011