Cupcake Station: One

With fundraising going strong and the continuing bureaucracy of dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s when it comes to zoning issues and so forth, we’re at a newsworthy impass.

What you would only know by attending our meetings at the Mercury Café up until now is that like the true midwesterners most of us are, someones bound to make sure you don’t go hungry.  While vegan cupcakes were discussed at length when we were just getting off the ground, we’ve since seen myriads of cookies and banana bars offered up by our membership.  Heck, there’s even talk of starting an official cooking group.

Whether or not this can be considered blackmail and extortion, I’ll leave to the readers.  And no, membership dues can not be paid in baked goods.  Other treats gladly accepted include fudge, pies, chocolate nanotubes and streudel just as an example.

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