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Holiday Schedule and Elections

2012 is almost here, so it’s time to announce both PS:One’s holiday schedule and the elections for the 2012 Board of Directors.

Holiday Schedule:

There will be no official meeting on December 20 or 27, 2011.

There will most likely be people at the space hanging out on both days for our regular open house (minus the meetings), so feel free to stop by.

Meetings will resume their normal Tuesday schedule on January 3, 2012.

Election Schedule:

Nominations for next year’s board are open NOW and will close on Tuesday, January 10, 2012. Members may nominate themselves and/or each other on the mailing list or at any Tuesday meeting.

On the evening of Tuesday, January 10, all nominees are invited to give a speech during the 300 Seconds of Fame event immediately following the meeting.

There are eight available positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Public and Press Relations Director
  • 2x Director-at-Large

Elections will be held during our Annual Members’ Meeting on January 17, 2011 at 8pm.

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100+ Members Strong

Photo courtesy Anvica on Flickr

It’s a proud moment for me to announce that Pumping Station: One – just short of the 3rd anniversary when this madcap adventure started – has reached a milestone every culture that counts in base 10 inevitably celebrates: Reaching 100 of something.

That hundred in this case is our combined list of active members. With upwards of 90% of our budget being funded through members like you, it’s easy to see why this calls for celebration. We live or die based on the enthusiasm our community has for us. I recall in the very early planning meetings at Mercury Café we’d talk about the spaces that came before us, namely Noisebridge and their astronomical 100+ members. I thought to myself that we – Chicago – wouldn’t have that problem for a long time with the decentralized and disparate tech community I’d come to know.

It’s the twilight of 2011 now and the phrase “silicon prairie” happens to exist.

In the short time we’ve been around there have been friends made, countless failures (read: learning opportunities) experienced, companies started, companies shuttered, projects built, connections strengthened, children’s toy cars raced, careers re-evaluated and so much more. Each person that’s stepped through our door has had their hand in getting us to this milestone. As we carry on, it’s worth noting our strength exists in the sum of our parts; together we move to realize our common dreams. Being able to see first-hand this experiment in community start as a seed and come to take root is a true privilege and honor.

Thank you all for continually upstaging many of our wildest imaginations.

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The Gentle(wo)man Hacker’s RC Airplane

If you’re like me, the RC aviation hobby is as fascinating as it is costly.  In the two videos below that we produced for element14 though, we cover how to convert a $10 foam glider into a great training flier and then get even more bleeding edge with a cheap-but-good-for-the-price setup for flying UAV style with a pistol grip camcorder mounted to the plane that transmits to a screen on the ground.  Dan Meyer with the help of Ken Zinnen walk you through some of the many exciting  facets of radio controlled airplanes.

Solar Charged RC Airplanes from Pumping Station: One on Vimeo.

First Person Remote Control Flying from Pumping Station: One on Vimeo.

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Take on the Machine: The Transistor

Who doesn’t love a good zombie hunt?  The Transistor made what looks like  a carnival style shooting game to the style of Shaun of the Dead.  Wonder who their crack shot is?

That’s the last of the 5 Contenders in this hackerspace challenge, but there’s still at least one more video where Mitch Altman will be crowning the coolest project.

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Take On The Machine: Artisans Asylum Starts The Day Off Right

New kids on the block, Artisan’s Asylum are out to make waves with their Wallace and Gromit inspired breakfast making Rube Goldberg Machine.  Take note of their egg cracking contraption which worked beautifully so long as you’re not picky about having yours sunny side up.  I should mention that there was some goading by our own president about Artisan’s project stealing the show.  While I’ll wait for the official word on best in show, I’ll also take a moment to compliment those Boston folk on a job well done, truly a noteworthy hack.

That’s not all the action VIMBY’s got for us though.  The Transistor in Provo, UT is our last contender coming up and I smell some pandering for the zombie enthusiast vote.

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Take On The Machine: Crashspace

This week, our hacker brethren in Los Angeles bring their ear for music to the game. Their motion-sensing synthesiser gets plenty of attention from passers-by in their storefront space. Props to them on tuning flowerpots and empty bottles of Carlsberg!

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PS:One Takes on the Machine

Our episodes have just gone live on VIMBY and Here they are below. We haven’t been able to talk about our project much before the release, but now the door is wide open.

By far the coolest part of the project was making UV reactant ice cream. The secret ingredient in this is Fluoroscine, whose only side effect is turning your urine neon yellow. The whole project was completed by no small effort thanks to Jordan Bunker, Jim Burke, Tim Saylor, Patrick Callaghan, Bike Man Dan, Camo, Tomerica, John Stoner, Geoffrey Topham, Shawn Blaszak & Ishmael Rufus.

There are still 3 more teams to go and we’re just as excited to see what awesome things they’ve made, so check back here to see Crashspace’s project up next.

P.S. to Zach Hoeken: Let’s start a V-neck shirt wearer’s club.

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Take on the Machine #2: NYC Resistor

This week our friends at NYC Resistor open up the competition with their drink dispensing slot machine.  The amount of polish they were able to put into their project is impressive, especially the mouthy monochrome LED display in the drink dispenser.

Stay tuned for next week for Pumping Station: One’s feature episode where we ask, “Would you like that á la mode?”

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Hackerspaces take on the machine

VIMBY – Take on the Machine: Episode One

This summer PS:One participated in a secret project. VIMBY contacted us and told us to be prepared to receive an envelope from Mitch Altman one Wednesday with our challenge inside. The above video is the first in a series called Take On The Machine. Each participating space, NYC Resistor, Artisan’s Asylum, The Transistor, and Crash Space and us will have an episode airing with their project featured.

Stay tuned to find out what we did with our VIMBY money.

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