300 Seconds of Fame: Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!

Fiddling Around
Photo by Anne Petersen

300 Seconds of Fame this Tuesday:
You have 300 seconds. Make it count.

Last month we had an action-packed 300 Seconds of Fame, featuring two!–count ’em–two! related talks about pimping your work and raising funds; two!–count ’em–two! musical performances that rocked our little house; anecdotes and ideas via the balloon factory and video surveillance; a first look at a new way to use an arduino; how YOU could go watch a robot competition; and some facts about why we use our brains the way we do. How meta.

This month, we’ll have wasps (but not in-house, I hope), a sure-to-be-controversial look at password hacking, some noises out of Tomer, and more! But that “more” might require YOU. Yes, YOU.

Want to get in front of the microphone and live up to your 300 seconds of fame? Drop us a note.

If not, come along for the ride! Sure to be entertaining. Come on in at 6 or later, and we’ll start these up around 8.

p.m., that is. Since I’m sure not going to come out at 6 a.m.

And if you can’t make it, we’ll try to be sure the ustream’s up and running for you to enjoy from the comfort of your laptop. Or desktop, I suppose, if you’re all old-school. But if you’re trying it from an iPad, you’ll be SOL. Just FYI.

Be there or have less fun. I swear at least one of the 300Seconders will have better jokes than this post. Seriously.

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