Class Announcement: Vermiculture (Composting with Worms)

UPDATE: last day to purchase tickets is April 28 – one extra day to buy tickets!

Vermiculture or vermicomposting is a compact, smell-free way urbanites and apartment dwellers can compost their kitchen waste.  Join us and learn how to reduce your household waste while creating free organic fertilizer!

Date: May 6, 8-9pm
Ticket sales close on April 28 (after this date, there are NO refunds, we are purchasing live worms)

The full ticket price (Workshop + Materials) will include a 10 gallon bin and a half pound of red wriggler worms from our supplier in Wisconsin.  Those who purchase the information only tickets will only attend the lecture and receive no materials (worms, bin, etc..).
Notice to Attendees: if you have any available, please bring black and white printed paper, or a Tribune or a Red Eye (both are printed with soy-based inks). If you don’t have any, we will bring some too.

About the instructor:
Mary Pawlak has been educating people about the environment since 2004 and she has been vermicomposting since 2008.

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