Weekend Projects: Windows, Blinds, and Marmalade

Here is the what I spent my weekend doing:

Friday: cut my new window blinds to size using the PS1 bandsaw

Saturday: filled, sanded, painted my window frames, hung the new blinds

Sunday: finished everything I didn’t complete on Saturday, and I made three batches of jam: I made orange marmalade, lemon-ginger marmalade, and apple-lemon jam.

Leave your weekend projects in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Projects: Windows, Blinds, and Marmalade

  1. I tried, and failed, to make a steam engine powering a small vehicle for scav hunt. It was based on an aeolipile with bike chain and gears to drive it. Who would have thought steam engines would be hard?

  2. I started on Makerbot #1302 on Friday. Should be complete on Monday. I am hoping for a live demonstration for Tuesdays 300 seconds of fame.

  3. Sunday, I met with the boogiepants team, Prabvi and Sadu, a dancer and DJ couple, and we developed some preliminary dance moves and .pants file stuff. Prabvi is starting to get more comfortable with the system in actual dancing.

    We also collected some requirements: we need to make the strike instrument objects smaller (and ultimately editable in size), and we need to be able to switch between instrument sets from the computer, not just the wiimote. We also confronted some shortcomings of the harness we were using to hold the wiimote to Prabvi’s body.

    We discussed performances at Lakes of Fire (the great lakes regional Burn event affiliated with Burning Man), and Geek Prom. Prabvi felt confident she could have something she would feel comfortable performing with by then.

  4. Friday: Talked at GSoC meetup, got a great photo in the Google office right where it says “No Photos!”, then advised on some scavvy stuff.

    Saturday: I finished building some shelves in a closet, made some star-shaped pasties out of duct tape, then installed a radio station to my webspace, at least to proof-of-concept stage. Next steps: content, front-end.

    Sunday: I began the arduous digital spring cleaning process on one machine out of, uhm… six? seven? I don’t even know. Next step: content discovery and reorganization, machine repurposing. Tested my space as a dance studio, and fortunately the injuries aren’t dire.

    …and in the wee hours this morning, I made two cheesecakes.

  5. i gallivanted through Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York for scavhunt. i danced around at the prison from the Shawshank Redemption. i visited the duct tape capital of the world. i survived the creepiest town ever (Ashtabula, Ohio). i watched someone try [and hilariously fail] to hit on this huge Whistler’s Mother statue.

    best of all, i sang a parody of the “Hero of Canton” song from Firefly in William McKinley’s mausoleum, while dressed as Skeletor.

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