Tuesday food! Capitalist Pig Roast and Ice Cream Socialist

bacon-wrapped pork goodnessThis Tuesday, instead of our usual 5th Tuesday potluck, we’ll be running a food-type fundraiser:

Capitalist Pig Roast* and Ice Cream Socialist
This Tuesday night!

$7 gets you:

Italian sausages
pork chops
veggie kabobs
and ice cream

Plus any generous food donations that folks want to bring to share.
(Not required: depends if you lean capitalist or socialist.)

Hang out, nom on noms and contribute to PS:One! Hope to see you there.

*no actual pigs will be roasted, just their parts. batteries not included. products provided exclusive of warranty and in an as-is condition. some assembly may be required. cash gladly accepted.

(photo by Anne Petersen)

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday food! Capitalist Pig Roast and Ice Cream Socialist

  1. While we’ll start cooking early (so doors will be open at 6), we’ll probably start eating after the meeting that starts at 8.

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