GoodFET Friday: Build the Sonic Screwdriver of Reverse Engineering

The neighborly Travis Goodspeed will be giving a workshop this Friday, September 3rd, at 7pm on building and using his GoodFET JTAG adapter.

Travis Goodspeed speaking at NeighorCon Chicago 2010 (photo by Anne Petersen)

More than just a programmer & debugger, the GoodFET is a hardware hacking swiss army knife similar to the Bus Pirate.  The workshop will cover the surface mount assembly of the GoodFET31 and how to use the GoodFET firmware.

GoodFET31 PCBs

Cost: $20 cash at workshop (same for member or non-member; includes GoodFET PCB & all components)

Equipment: soldering equipment will be provided, but feel free to bring any tools you prefer; strongly recommend bringing a laptop if you want to interact with the GoodFET firmware after assembly.

NOTE: Only 10 GoodFET31 kits are available.  Please RSVP to reserve at kit:   This workshop is open to the public.

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