Lynne Bruning Educates about eTextiles July 19

Lynne Bruning, self-defined and award-winning “textile enchantress,” will visit PS: One to tell us about her soft circuit projects on July 19th.

LEDs in clothing? Absolutely. But Lynne also created a haptic feedback coat, intended to give the blind a virtual cane using vibrations that tell them how close they’re getting to objects. The project’s called “Bats Have Feelings Too!” and is a Creative Commons project that can be found on Instructables along with many of Lynne’s other projects.

Lynne brought her education in neurophysiology and architecture to a scale somewhere in between. To learn more about her background and her projects, check out two interviews she’s done recently: one on Body Pixel and one on Green by Design.

Due to Lynne’s schedule, we’re bumping our usual meeting at 8 to make room for her chat with us, followed by a choice to either join in our regular meeting or attend Lynne’s usual Tuesday eTextile Lounge (a global eTextile hackerspace via uStream) at 9. Join us!

(photo by Lynne via her Flickr)

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