Google ADK – Accessory Development Kit with Arduino

This meetup has been moved to Google Chicago 20 West Kinzie St., Chicago, IL

This Thursday @ 5PM there is a special interest group meetup of

We will meet to talk about programming Arduino boards:

  1. workshop: electronic components 101 – Uki D. Lucas
  2. workshop: electronic schematics and symbols 101 – Uki D. Lucas
  3. workshop: Android ADK – TBD
  4. showcase of projects by Chicago area enthusiasts
  5. review of boards / shields available – Lwin & Min Maung
  6. review of books – Lwin & Min Maung
  7. review of projects – Lwin & Min Maung

Please bring your:

– Arduino phone running v. 2.3.4, or tablet 3.1

– books, boards, electronic equipment you want to connect

– spare electronic parts

– laptop with Android SDK (Eclipse) installed

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