Beer Church 3/11 @ Noon

mmmm, beer

Do you like beers and peers and find that your sundays need more structure, such as drinking and doing science? If so, this event is for you.

Beer Tasting (Sciencerament)

Bring a few bottles of something you like that you think others may not know. We will do a potluck beer tasting. Shot glasses (for tiny beers) will be provided but bring your own if you prefer.
By accepting beers into your hearts and bloodstreams you will accept the body (and nose) of bioscience as your temporary saviour from low blood alcohol and slight social awkwardness. Homebrews are highly esteemed, and you will get some beer peer review from your peers in beer!


Once the sciencerament has been administered, we will read the sermon (the frontpage of /r/askscience) and if anything moves us, we will choose it for a short investigative google scholar-ing (supplications).
The event will then turn to peer review. This can be anything from an airing of grievances (if an aluminum pole is available) to feedback and constructive criticism on one another’s projects and ideas. No religious arguments (such as vim vs emacs) will be considered kosher.

Come on Down!

If the event is successful it will become semibiweekly. Needless to say, all 21-and-older people are welcome, at no charge (although participation in the tasting is predicated on your bringing some beer to share). This is a public event.

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