Belt Sanders, Swordsmithing & Free Watermelon

It’s hot out. So very hot out. Jewel was selling watermelons. That’s a no-brainer right there.

Except… I couldn’t find a large knife at PS1 to cut it! Oh no! However, belt sanders are pretty good at sharpening metal… and we had this practice sword lying around (not sharp by any remote stretch). Fix that, boom!

Sword: at the ready

Now to put on my war face. Watermelon, I will sup on your flesh tonight! Today is a good day to die. Kaplah.

Watermelon vs. Sword

P.S. we’ve got some watermelon left, come and get it!

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2 thoughts on “Belt Sanders, Swordsmithing & Free Watermelon

  1. “Come and get it!”
    Does this mean the move is complete and PS1 is a fully operational maker space?

  2. Hello Kevin!

    No, it does not mean the move is complete. The move is happening this weekend – it was rescheduled due to the new landlord not having managed to move all his things out yet. A new blog post will be posted today about the move.

    However, as of last night most of the wood shop, electronics, and laser cutting tools were still in the space. We will not have much of an outage during the move.


    P.S. the new space is at 3517 N Elston right up the street, your keys will get you in (use the right hand door on the front). Kindly do not mess about/with anything out back, as it is the landlord’s area. We are partially moved into the front area.

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