Hello again everyone,

I have some good new and some bad news.

First, the bad news. Our new landlord is a little behind in getting his stuff out of the new space. He doesn’t think he can get out of the space completely until the June 16th. That being the case, we will be putting off the final move until that weekend. We will stay at our present location (our present landlord is willing to pro-rate us for the time we are here) and the new landlord won’t be charging us for the time we aren’t in the new location fully. Most of the facilities you’ve grown to love about PS:One will still be available in the mean-time.

The good news is that today’s move efforts went exceptionally well! The new landlord was able to clear out one of the rooms in the new space and we were able to fill that room with a massive amount of PS:One equipment. We also managed to take down a significant amount of the loft. I’d like to thank everyone that came out today and helped make it all happen (both the “morning shift” and the “night shift”). You guys did an exceptional job. All the work we got done today will make the final move that much easier when it happens.

I look forward to seeing you all again at the final move event and will keep you all updated on any changes,

Shawn Blaszak
Pumping Station: One

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